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With more than 350 trucks, 1,000 trailers, a distribution warehouse, a wealth of heavy haul and specialized equipment, we see first-hand how our commitment to people creates a dynamic business environment that allows us to grow each and every year.


We Don't Make Promises We Can't Keep.

It’s a simple concept. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. And because we invest in our employees and value their contributions to the company and our customers, they invest in and value their relationship with you, taking pride in making your challenges their most important priority.

We’re doing big things with our customers like saving money, increasing productivity, solving problems, attending to safety, and protecting critical business concerns.

We’re a tight-knit family who builds exceptional customer service at every turn, delivering on our promise to resolve your issues on first contact. This is a critical component to our team’s ability to deliver on our promise.

Because no matter what the question, problem, or challenge, you’ll always get the same response: We can handle that.

Putting You In The Driver’s Seat

These days, technology drives transportation logistics. But not every company offers the depth of software, services, and analysis that Best Logistics Group does.

Want to know where a truck is? We can give you up-to-the-minute information, or you can find it yourself, any time of day or night, through our online customer portal. Looking for ways to reduce shipping costs from day to day? We can identify market rate savings and immediately share that information with you.

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