2019 Maintenance Professional of the Year – Stacy Earnhardt

On Monday, September 30th, Best Logistics Group’s Stacy Earnhardt was named the 2019 Maintenance Professional of the Year at the North Carolina Trucking Association’s Annual Councils Conference. We may be biased but we can’t imagine a better person to receive this award! Stacy has worked in the trucking industry for over 20 years, most of that time has been with Best. He started out cleaning trucks and changing tires and has worked his way up to become our Director of Asset Management and Specialized Operations.



Stacy has a lot of passion for the industry; from educating to training, he is involved in it all. He has served on the Technology & Maintenance Council for the NCTA as both Vice-Chair and Chairman. Stacy is also highly active in the American Trucking Association’s National Technology & Maintenance Council, where he has served as a Study Group chairman for 5 years, Director at Large, and was elected to the Vice-Chair position for the Council, where he will take over as Chairman in February.



We are proud to have his expertise, passion, and dedication to maintenance and it’s future, here at Best Logistics Group.