Driver Orientation


After completing the application process, we invite eligible drivers to attend a three-day orientation program designed to welcome new recruits and familiarize everyone with the trucks and equipment.

Yeah, You Can Have It All

We think our drivers are the BEST, and we have driving positions designed to fit any lifestyle. Our family of experienced, professional drivers didn’t just happen overnight. We want to be sure that anyone who joins BEST is prepared and ready to handle whatever demands come their way.

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Welcome to the Team

Once hired, we’ll set you up to attend our two-day, comprehensive orientation program. This gives us the chance to get to know you, and you’ll be introduced to all the team members who will be working hard to make your career at BEST a success! Sure, you’ll be doing a Road Test, your DOT Pre-employment Screenings and a Physical Abilities Test, but more importantly we will make sure you get to meet everyone. From the President to accounts payable to safety, we want to make sure that you feel welcome and a part of the BEST team from day one!

Classroom Training

We want to be certain that you have the tools to succeed, so part of your orientation will focus on the LLLC Defensive Driving Program, instruction on the Pedigree ELD, and a review of Best Practices designed to keep you and those around you safe, both on and off the road.



Physical abilities tests are used to ensure that you can safely perform the essential functions of truck driving.


Drivers must obtain a minimum of one year on their Department of Transportation medical card to qualify. A driver must pass a pre-employment drug screen to qualify. 


Classroom training includes an introduction to benefits, Smith System (safe driving instruction), Pedigree (in-truck communication technology), and most importantly, a review of safety tips designed to keep you and those around you protected on and off the road.


Our road test includes a pre-trip inspection, coupling/uncoupling procedure and a 15-20 mile road course.