Putting You In The Driver’s Seat

These days, technology drives transportation logistics. But not every company offers the depth of software, services and analysis that Best Logistics Group does.

Want to know where a truck is? We can give you up-to-the-minute information, or you can find it yourself, any time of day or night, through our online customer portal. Looking for ways to reduce shipping costs day to day? We can identity market rate savings and immediately share that information with you.

Best Logistics Group has made large investments in technology so that our customers, drivers and carriers don’t have to. That investment includes in-cab and on-board GPS technology, satellite tracking and reporting capabilities that go far beyond the ordinary.

Our technology provides the insight and real-time information to help control costs and improve  efficiencies across supply chains. It’s another reason to get on board with Best Logistics Group.


Automating the exchange of information saves everyone time, and time is money. We’ve looked closely at our customers’ needs and industry trends, and invested in the best transportation management software and applications available. This ensures that we can provide our customers and carriers with information that’s secure, highly accurate and customized to their needs.

Our on-staff IT team also develops custom integrations that can interface with almost any tracking, forecasting or invoicing systems.


All our technology services are designed to provide end-to-end visibility and connectivity of supply chains. Our deep reporting capabilities allow us to run daily, weekly, and monthly reports, or whenever new information is available. However you want it, we can report it.


This is where we really shine. We put smart people to work analyzing those software-driven reports. Our logistics experts dig deep to identify opportunities for you to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

For example, we look through datasets for seasonal and long-term trends in our customers’ market and capacity requirements. We then use our knowledge of the transportation industry, seasonal market conditions and timing of shipments to identify and advise them of opportunities to ship more efficiently.

Some may find this work tedious. Our team thinks it’s fun.