Best Logistics – 3PL

How You Save

Not only does Best Logistics Group offer freight management solutions through Best Logistics and Best Global, we also provide complete third party logistics management for your entire supply chain through our 3PL service.

Our industry experts begin by completing a cursory contractual review of your business’s supply chain expenditures. We then use our state-of-the-art proprietary 3PL software to benchmark your supply chain characteristics with businesses from across the globe that also match the same spend levels and shipping criteria. After presenting our findings to you, we begin working to restructure your domestic TL, LTL and/or international supply chains.

Most brokerage services offer small transactional agreements, but 3PL’s primary focus is in developing a long-term relationship through contractual work with the express purpose of finding areas that can save you money. Savings average around 10-15% overall, with potential to increase beyond that. And because 10% adds up pretty fast, many companies end up returning millions to their bottom lines.

Contact us when you’re ready to roll… and save.