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How It’s Done.

We take the business of our customers very seriously. The more we know about a company’s business, the better we can provide cost-effective transportation solutions. When we begin an engagement with a customer, we first analyze and assess their current freight shipping procedures, identify challenges, formulate solutions and then put the Best plan into action. Tightening up the supply chain is the name of the game.


Pepsi Bottling Ventures (PBV), the nation’s largest privately-held manufacturer, seller, and distributor of Pepsi-Cola beverages, was in need of a cost-effective way to transport goods from its lower-cost production facilities in the Southeast to remote distribution centers in hard-to-service areas such as Long Island and Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Through freight management, Best Logistics used its strong carrier relationships to ensure PBV received consistently premium service on some of the most difficult routes in the country. Our knowledge of the customer’s business, combined with our huge base of carriers, enabled us to cut operating costs, passing the savings on to PBV. Because their shipping volume fluctuates on a daily basis, we customized a transportation strategy specifically for PBV to allow for changes with little notice.

Best Distribution is an approved warehouse for Pepsi Bottling Ventures and assists them with overflow storage during peak seasons and cross docking services to accommodate scheduling needs. Best Cartage coordinates back-up support and drop trailers to PBV’s fleet when needed for regional moves in the Carolinas. Best Specialized has also been called on several times when PBV has needed to move larger, over-sized equipment.

Best Logistics Group is proud to have such a great business partnership with Pepsi Bottling Ventures. Over the last ten years, they have become like family to us. In 2012, PBV presented us with the 1st Annual Superior Carrier award for outstanding customer service.


A leading agricultural machinery company was in need of a lower-cost supply chain management strategy for its inbound raw material.

After analyzing the company’s transportation needs and current spending, we concluded that by assigning them a dedicated fleet with Best Dedicated, we would be able to streamline their inbound raw material shipping and reduce the amount of trucks used by 50%.

We found even more opportunities to save time and money with the company’s outbound chain. Because Best Logistics Group is a single source provider for all transportation and logistics needs, it just made sense that Best Specialized become part of the solution by providing outbound, oversized legal step deck loads.

As part of the company’s customized transportation plan, ongoing weekly meetings are held to discuss new freight optimization opportunities.


VT Hackney, an engineering leader for more than 60 years in designing and building custom truck bodies, was in need of inbound raw material transport, as well as new cost-effective management of its domestic and international supply chains.

In order to reduce operating costs surrounding VT Hackney’s supply chain expenditures and enhance the company’s profitability, we analyzed their current shipping contract, rate structures and service level requirements, and identified areas that would benefit from more efficient, cost-saving strategies.

We found that by having Best Logistics and Best Global assume all freight management across VT Hackney’s domestic and international supply chains, they could reduce operational expenditures significantly by negotiating better LTL and TL rates and service.

Our proprietary web-based information system links our customers to all the resources and service providers that work on their accounts and supply chains. In VT Hackney’s case, Best Logistics Group was able to better connect material suppliers to four assembly facilities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and North Carolina using this technology. All four of these locations have access to log into a personalized Best Logistics Group website to check on purchase orders, shipment status and individual bills of lading with customized tracking. The masterful management provided by Best Logistics has ensured that inbound raw material transport for VT Hackney continues to be executed in the most effective, cost-efficient way possible.


An Australian retail distributor was in need of relocating the bulk of its inventory from an existing US warehouse to
Best Distribution’s warehouse, bringing the company’s products closer to its North Carolina sales office.

Best Distribution created a true third party logistics program by pooling the resources of Best Cartage, Best Logistics and Best Global, enabling our new customer to easily relocate its distribution operations to the facilities at Best Distribution. We provided dropped trailers to assist the loading and unloading of the product without disruption at both the former warehouse and Best Distribution’s facility.

We currently provide international shipments inbound to the warehouse using Best Global’s network of steamship lines. Best Logistics also manages the movement of outbound shipments from the Best Distribution warehouse. As our relationship continues to grow, dedicated customer service representatives handle all of the customer’s supply chain activities. The services we provide individually and collectively give our customers total control of their shipments with a single solution provider managing the entire supply chain.


International manufacturer and distributor of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals needed to reduce operating costs surrounding its supply chain expenditures and enhance the company’s profitability.

Due to the nature of this company’s products, it is imperative that delivery appointments be required for all consignees.
Best Logistics ensures the coordination of these deliveries and offers both inbound and outbound long haul service from the US and Canada. Best Dedicated provides fleet services for both production and shipping between plants—24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, Best Distribution provides daily and extended storage when needed.

Thanks to the integrated services provided by our specialized business units, this international manufacturer and distributor has remained a loyal customer for more than 10 years. Here’s to another 10!

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